Welcome to the new And Smile Orthodontics website!

You may be wondering, “Why build a new website?” The short answer is this – we got tired of looking at our website and wondering why people thought it was built in 1995!🤣

The long answer is that we feel pretty strongly about who we are as an orthodontics office. What we stand for and the kind of experience that patients have at And Smile Orthodontics needs to be shown off! And if you don’t find that online, where else are you going to find it? Most patients’ first experience with us is online – so making sure our website shows off what we’re like is important to us!

We want the opportunity to serve you! Discovering what we stand for and what you can expect from our orthodontic practice was a task we wanted to make sure we spent a lot of thought and time on.

We can’t wait to serve you!

– And Smile Orthodontics

This site’s strategy, design, photo & video were created by the marginally-above-average folks @ Clear Partnering Group.