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Ready to start orthodontic treatment? You can get started with a free Virtual Consult with Dr. Angela! She’ll work with you to find answers to any concerns or questions you might have including: Can Invisalign work for my smile? Do I need braces? How long will my orthodontic treatment take? How much will it cost? And What are my orthodontic treatment financing options?

Why Use Virtual Consult?

Find out your options without leaving home or taking off work!

At And Smile Orthodontics, we value accessible and effortless orthodontic care. That’s why we provide free consultations you can do no matter where you are! With the Virtual Consult tool you can find out your options for orthodontic treatment right from your phone. Our orthodontist, Dr. Angela, will thoroughly review your case and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment.

Takes 5 Minutes or Less.

The Virtual Consult process is quick and effortless, taking only 5 minutes or less!

Do It Anywhere!

Using your smartphone or other device you can submit a Virtual Consult from anywhere.

Personalized Feedback.

You work with a real orthodontist who personally reviews your case to let you know your treatment options.

Start Anytime of Day!

You can start your Virtual Consult any hour of the day and our orthodontist will review your case once returning to the office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Consult

Can My Child Do A Virtual Consult?

We have lots of parents assist their children with Virtual Consult. One of the most important reasons we offer Virtual Consult is to save time for busy parents. We don’t believe parents should have to leave work just to find out if their child is ready for orthodontic treatment. We believe parents should have the option to find out the costs of braces, what options work for their child, and more from the comfort of their home at anytime of the day. Our goal is to make accessing that information accessible, quick, and easy as possible.

Will I Get A Response Immediately?

Dr. Angela personally replies to all Virtual Consult submissions, while your response will not be automatic Dr. Angela attempts to reply quickly when in office. Although she works hard to respond as quickly as possible, Dr. Angela may be with a patient. You can expect a personalized response to your case within 2 business days.

Will I Still Need An In-Office Exam?

A Virtual Consult is the first step toward orthodontics treatment and helps us get you in and out of your appointment quicker. There’s no one-size fits all option for orthodontics. Your smile is unique, we’ll still need to get digital impression and x-rays of your teeth to ensure that your treatment is accurate and effective.

If I submit a Virtual Consult, Will I Be Spammed?

Spam is the worst! We would never send you spam. Once you finish your Virtual Consult, we’ll send you all the information you need and answers to any questions. From there it’s up to you whether you’d like to come into the office.