Orthodontic Treatment For Children

Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment

FAQ About Two-Phase Treatment

Preventative Treatment & Orthodontics For Children

We’re here to help your child have a healthy and beautiful smile!

As recommended by the American Academy of Orthodontics, your child should see an orthodontist by the ages of 7. You have nothing to worry about though! Taking your child to an orthodontist saves you money and time. We use two-phase orthodontic treatment to make sure your child’s smile is on track and stays on track.

On average, by the age of 7 your children’s adult molars are starting to emerge. We hope that through early detection, examination, and phase 1 treatment of the teeth we can help prevent crowding or archway issues. Phase 1 treatment is primarily to treat common early childhood problems while phase 2 is focused on treating alignment issues that cannot be treated while baby teeth are present.

FAQ About Two-Phase Treatment

Questions about your childs orthodontic treatment? We’re here to help!

When Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

Dr. Angela and the American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that you bring your child in for a checkup no later than age 7. The initial checkup is very instrumental in the future of your child’s smile.

Will My Child Experience Any Pain?

While it’s common for children to experience discomfort when beginning their treatment it’ll eventually subside.

What If My Child Has A Loose Tooth Or Loses A Teeth During Treatment?

During phase two if we discover a loose tooth, we’ll remove the bracket so the tooth can fall out and adjust their braces as necessary. If your child still has braces when the permanent tooth emerges, we can reapply the bracket.

What If My Kid Doesn't Need Phase 1 Treatment?

The phase 1 consultations are complimentary. While not every child needs treatment they’ll need monitoring. We use phase 1 as an opportunity to monitor their smile while they grow and develop new teeth.