Financial Help

We’re here for you and your family!

FAQ About Financing

Trust Means Treating People Fairly

We work hard on your behalf!

Everybody works hard for what they have. When you know that you’re being taken advantage of, and you’ve worked so hard for your money — it’s just an unpleasant feeling. You lose a little bit of trust. We don’t like feeling that way ourselves, and we don’t ever want our patients to feel that way. We pride ourselves in the trust that we build with patients, and we work very hard to make it affordable.

That means you don’t have to pay more if you need to break up your treatment into two phases. You can turn to us for help understanding and maximizing your dental insurance. And we’ll help you with a flexible, affordable payment plan. It’s about serving our patients!

Flexible Financing Options

Paying for braces should be affordable. Here’s how we can help!

$300 to Start

At our office, it’s possible for you to actually start orthodontic treatment for as little as $300 when you split your down payment up over the first 2 months.

$150 / Month

We want to make financing simple and affordable. With monthly payments as low as $150, we do our best to make orthodontic treatment fit any budget.

0% Interest

We’re proud to offer in-house financing at zero percent interest. That means no credit checks, no third parties, and no extra fees for the same service.

Questions About Financing?

Here are some of parents’ top questions about paying for braces or Invisalign. If you don’t see your question here, please ask!

Do You Accept Insurance?

We absolutely accept dental insurance! We’re an in-network provider for most major insurance companies. We work hard to make sure you get the most out of your orthodontic care benefit.

Do You Offer Sibling Discounts?

Yes! We offer a 5% discount for parents or siblings after first family member starts treatment.

Can I Use My FSA or HSA?

Absolutely! Orthodontic care is a great use of FSA or HSA funds, and we’ll help walk you through all the details during your consultation.

Do You Accept Third Party Financing?

At this time, we don’t accept third-party financing. The biggest reason for that is because it ends up costing both the patient and our office more over the duration of your treatment. However, we are proud to offer in-housing financing at zero percent interest!