Common Questions About Orthodontics

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Questions About Braces

Dr. Angela Williams answers parents’ most common questions.

Orthodontic care can be a big decision for you and your family. So we know that you probably have a lot of questions! And we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision for your family. Here are some of the most common questions we get from parents about braces, Invisalign, clear aligners, and orthodontic treatment — with answers from Dr. Angela Williams.

What Should You Be Asking About Orthodontics?

Here are some popular questions to help you get started!

Are Clear Aligners Uncomfortable?

Invisalign treatment straightens your teeth by applying a gentle, constant force. So it’s normal to feel a little pressure the first few days of wearing a new set of aligners. This is a sign that your teeth are moving sequentially into their final position. Learn more about Invisalign on our treatment page.

What Do I Do If I Need to Reschedule?

Life happens — we understand! We do set aside time just for your appointment, so we ask that you give us as much notice as possible in the event you need to reschedule. Missing too many appointments can result in an extension of your treatment time. So we encourage you to contact us right away if you need to reschedule!

Are There Any Food Restrictions While In Treatment?

Nope! Invisalign clear aligners are totally removable, so there are no food restrictions at all. With traditional braces, there’s a long list of foods you can’t enjoy because they could get stuck in the wires or brackets — or even damage your braces. With Invisalign, you can just pop out your aligners during meals and eat whatever you want.

How Often Will I Need To Come In For A Checkup?

Invisalign is a low-maintenance treatment option, but we still need to make sure that everything is functioning as it should! You can expect to make a visit every 8-12 weeks during treatment.

How Long Will my Treatment Take?

This largely depends on your specific needs. While Dr. Angela can give you a more exact estimate, Invisalign treatment takes on average 6-18 months.

When Can I Take My Clear Aligners Out?

We highly recommend wearing your clear aligners for 22 hours each day, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth!